Hi, I am Danny Figs.

I would be lying to you if I gave you the fluff story that many give about how they picked up photography. My father didn’t really hand me a camera at the age of 5 and showed me how to use a dark room. However, I watched my father do photography on a Nikon F3/T as a hobby he thoroughly enjoyed every time we went on vacation as I was a child. He would get overly excited every time he would print his photos and hang them on his walls. I now understand why.

Later on in life is when I picked up photography and videography. It started with Videography when I was 15 in my high school TV Production class. I was then making travel videos with friends and then producing music videos for the band I was in. It was all a hobby at the time.

My name is Danny Figueredo, I’m a Miami based creator who focuses on photography and videography. My goal is to make your mental vision/imagination, my creation.

Hi, I am Brittany Nicole.

To keep in line with Danny I would also be lying to you if I gave you the sap story. I actually had a different path for my life when I first graduated. I wanted to be a graphic designer & photography was just an elective I took so I can try to get my degree. Well, I actually fell in love with photography there. I didn't have a camera so I borrowed my dad's DLSR that he never really used but was actually a really good camera.

As I started my own graphic design company I started getting questions if I did photography & as a new entrepreneur I said "Of course!" I picked up my fathers camera with the basic knowledge I had and to my surprise I was decent! From there I decided I was going to learn more and started working with a local photographer as their graphic designer. After that I started working here for Figs Media as a full time photographer.

My name is Brittany Nicole and your image is my focus.


“Danny has not only allowed me to expand my brand from just creating and selling art, but to also substantially expand my clothing line.”

“OMG. You are amazing thank you so much for capturing all these pictures!! They came out incredible. I will be recommending you to many people!”

“FANTASTIC on all counts! The videos are AWESOME!! I really can’t thank you enough for all of your help and support in this!”