French Toast

When drinking, I raise my glass and say here's to bread, flour, egg, sugar & vanilla!

Jessica & Eric

a beautiful elopement

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E = mc2 or Energy=Milk*Coffee2

Megan & Jorman

engagement video


make it saucy

Lockdown Fitness

burn calories while watching

Barcelona, Catalonia

Looks like pictures but it's all in slow motion

Santorini, Greece

Who Doesn't love flying during sunrise?

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Swayve Original

at the w hotel

NSX Warehouse Takeover

self explanatory

Daniel's Proposal to Elizabeth

Cut to 60 seconds for social media

Miguel Lara

Interview Docuseries done for local Crossfit gyms in Miami, FL

Connect and Play 2019

Event Videography in Fort Lauderdale, FL

NAS Component

Corporate Video done in Miami, fl

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Lincoln Road

displaying skills using a small camera

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